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Michelle Obama to guest star on NCIS

Photo: Parks & Recreation (NBC)

Having dined with kings and queens and traveled the world on official state business, Michelle Obama is now joining an esteemed list of people that includes Billy Dee Williams, Lily Tomlin, and Bob Newhart. That’s right, she’s going to guest star on NCIS! While we’d like to make a joke about the beloved First Lady’s appearance revitalizing the aging CBS procedural, NCIS is somehow the most-watched series on network TV right now, so what can you do?

According to CNN, the First Lady will be playing herself on the show’s upcoming May 3 episode. Though Mrs. Obama’s pop-culture appearances are often tied to her Let’s Move initiative, this time around she won’t be teaching Mark Harmon the benefits of daily exercise. Instead she’ll bring Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and some real-life military spouses to the White House for a roundtable discussion tied to another one of her causes: Joining Forces, an initiative she launched with Jill Biden that supports military service members, veterans, and their families. That makes it a more natural tie-in for the Navy crime procedural, although it’s a little disappointing we won’t get a scene in which Mrs. Obama teaches Pauley Perrette about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and/or not extending your goth phase into your 40s.


This is far from the first time Mrs. Obama has brought her considerable gravitas to the small screen. She’s also appeared on Parks And Recreations, Nashville, Sesame Street, and iCarly. Plus she’s played insane games with Billy Eichner for Billy On The Street, danced with Jimmy Fallon (twice), worked out with the famous cat Lil Bub, and rapped with SNL’s Jay Pharoah. In other words: When the Obama presidency comes to an end, Mrs. Obama has plenty of second career options in front of her.

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