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Michelle Obama to guest star on Nashville, of all places

Illustration for article titled Michelle Obama to guest star on iNashville/i, of all places

In news that qualifies as only about the fifteenth or sixteenth most ludicrous thing that has ever happened on the show, ABC has announced that Michelle Obama will turn up in Nashville, appearing on the show’s May 7 episode. According to TV Line, the First Lady will be on hand as part of one of the approximately 50 weekly charity concerts that take place in the series’ world—this one organized by Connie Britton’s Rayna James at Fort Campbell, after she learns that Luke Wheeler has been injured in Afghanistan, ostensibly while performing at one of the other charity concerts. (That would be a spoiler, if people weren’t always getting injured on Nashville.)


Obama, along with American Idol alum Kellie Pickler, will be on hand as themselves, with the First Lady—ever an advocate for healthy living—presumably counseling Scarlett that she should try eating food sometimes instead of pills. Or, in a realization of the nightmares of the show’s most conservative country music fans, she could also be there to institute a federal takeover of the city. You know, seeing as Nashville’s mayor does nothing but stalk ladies he’s slept with and cry in his office.

Nashville! It’s some crazy soap opera shit.

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