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Michelle Obama kills it on Carpool Karaoke with some help from Missy Elliott

(Screengrab: The Late Late Show/YouTube)

Michelle Obama does not half-ass a rendition of “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).” She belts, she dances, she does hand gestures. It’s a marvelous thing. The First Lady joined James Corden for a round of Carpool Karaoke to promote Let Girls Learn. So while the two jammed to the aforementioned “Single Ladies” and some Stevie Wonder, they also put on the song written to promote her initiative, “This Is For My Girls.” Then voila! Missy Elliott appears in the car as if by magic. Seriously, she just pops up out of nowhere—Carpool Karaoke isn’t trying to create any illusion of reality anymore.

Of course, Elliott’s presence meant the First Lady was required to get her freak on, and that she did, rapping along with Elliott’s 2001 hit. FLOTUS seems to especially relish in shouting, “Hollaaaaa.” Throughout the ride, Corden and Obama make pleasant conversation. The First Lady discusses what she’ll miss about the White House, and how rare it is for her to get to sit in the passenger seat of a car. But come on, you’re really here to check out the singing, so go forth.


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