While the presidency of Donald Trump arrives with a suite of attendant dangers, most pressingly his immediate attempt to ignore the impending destruction of the planet, it is also blended with a great sense of indignity. A charlatan is the president—a liar, a racist, a misogynist, a know-nothing. For anyone who didn’t vote for him, not to mention the many who didn’t vote at all as well as probably even some of the people who did vote for him, today’s festivities carry an attendant sorrow. It is a requiem for a certain idea of the American character, and a victory for another idea of it.

Michelle Obama, in doing the final bit of due diligence she must as the nation’s first lady, bears all of this on her face today. She lacks her husband’s ability to maintain composure in this moment, and looks ready to drink. She is fucking hating this shit, and people across Twitter noticed.

Many of the posts were just: ugh, yeah.

honestly, same pic.twitter.com/n3XPVyYnqc

— Rawan (@rawan) January 20, 2017


It was not just a couple of freeze-framed images. GIFs and videos show her visibly attempting to retain her breakfast.


The Obamas announced their expected new foundation this morning on YouTube, through which they can funnel their disdain for this peaceful-but-awful transition of power. For those still needing to engage in some schadenfreude, please witness Kellyanne Conway, who somehow thought she was going to dress like a leather clown and not spend the next six months getting dunked on: