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Michelle Duggar has a lot of kids. Nineteen, to be precise. And as a vocal member of the quiverfull movement, Duggar is not only committed to making more, but absolutely open to letting them walk all over her as she becomes more saggy, pious baby factory than actual human being.

That sentiment is something book designer and internet personality Sean Tejaratchi at least enjoys ironically, given his latest project, “Michelle Duggar’s Sacred Blessings 2016 Motherhood & Marriage Nature Calendar.” A mashup of things Duggar has actually said and stock photos of wilderness mothers who seem absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of babies they must tend to, Sacred Blessings is both a commentary on Duggar’s choices and a collection of reasonably cute—if not slightly off-putting—animal photos.


Tejaratchi’s images from Sacred Blessings are below, but more examples of his over-the-top oeuvre are over on his website. We recommend any of his hilarious faux-Netflix summaries.


[via Boing Boing]

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