In an interview with Slashfilm, surrealist director Michel Gondry revealed that the upcoming animated feature he is working on with his 16-year-old son Paul will have a script by none other than cult comic artist (and recent A.V. Club interviewee) Daniel Clowes. Some may remember that back in 2004 Clowes was supposedly working with Gondry on a project called Master Of Space And Time that never materialized, so this should be exciting news for fans of both. Gondry also leaked a few details of the plot, saying:

"It's about a dictator who runs a crazy world where hair is the source of energy. The people there are forced to create art, and if the art is too good they are executed. So the dictator there doesn't want anyone to be better than him so he kills the inmates who make good art. They try to make rubbish art but sometimes the worse it is for them, the better it is for the dictator."

Fingers crossed that this one actually gets made.