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Michel Gondry adapting Philip K. Dick's Ubik

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Finished for now with the franchise experiments, Michel Gondry is looking to return to more, well, Michel Gondry-like projects in the wake of Green Hornet, telling Allocine (via The Playlist) that he is currently adapting Philip K. Dick’s metaphysical mindwarp Ubik for the big screen. The story of a man who works for an agency tasked with blocking other people’s psychic powers and his life-changing trip to the moon is full of all sorts of Gondry-ready quirks—such as product labels bearing messages from the deceased, strange incidents of time-slippage that find advanced stereo systems reverting to hand-cranked turntables and so on, and deadpan interactions with toll-collecting doors—so it definitely seems like an ideal match of director and material.


Of course, there’s no telling when we might actually see it: Gondry has several other projects in the works right now, including filming The We & The I (an examination of the “group effect” as seen through the interactions of kids on a school bus), an animated documentary about Noam Chomsky and another animated film, Megalomania. However, this one also has screenwriter Steve Zaillian and Garret Basch attached as producers already, so it’s plausible that it could wedge its way into Gondry’s always-crowded schedule soon.

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