As reported by Deadline, Michael Stahl-David will star in Untitled Miami Project, the TNT drama that’s being executive produced by the explosive dream team of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer. Stahl-David will play Bobby Nickel, a guy who “came from nothing and quickly learned to make his own rules.” However, that description is about as vague as possible, so we’ll clarify it by pointing out that he “makes his own rules” by smuggling drugs. Not so cool now, is he? (Drugs aren’t cool.)

Though Stahl-David recently appeared in Joss Whedon’s In Your Eyes, he’s probably most recognizable as the guy from Cloverfield who managed to get all of his friends killed because he thought the middle of a giant monster attack was the best time to patch things up with this girlfriend. The pilot—which TNT already gave a green light to back in September—also features Kristen Hager, Kelsey Siepser, Adria Arjona, and Oscar Jaenada. Plus, it was written by Masters Of Sex creator Michelle Ashford, who should be able to clear out a little bit of that Bay/Bruckheimer funk. Now it just needs an actual title. We’re leaning toward A Show About Smuggling Drugs: Executive Produced By Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer. Catchy, right?