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Michael Showalter unearthed a clip from an obscure sketch show with Stephen Colbert

(Photo: Getty Images For Montclair Film Festival, Paul Zimmerman)

Though he was ostensibly there to promote Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer sequel or The Big Sick (which he directed), Michael Showalter took some time out of a recent appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to unearth a weird artifact from their past. As comedy fans surely know, Michael Showalter was part of MTV’s short-lived (yet beloved) ‘90s sketch show The State, and Stephen Colbert was part of Comedy Central’s similarly short-lived ‘90s sketch show Exit 57, but after both of those had ended they briefly teamed up for a VH1 sketch show called Random Play that also featured Jim Gaffigan, Andy Richter, and a few other comedy people who have gone on to better things.

On The Late Show, Showalter brought a VHS tape of a sketch that he and Colbert had done, and he explained that he had no idea what was on it because he doesn’t own a VCR anymore. Thankfully, somebody at The Late Show does, and they pulled a clip from the tape:

It’s unclear if the sketch ever actually aired on TV, as the internet only seems vaguely aware that Random Play ever existed, but at least everyone can now enjoy a bit of this weird gag about a pen.


[via Uproxx]

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