One thing for comedy nerds to be thankful for tomorrow: In a post on My Old Kentucky Blog to promote his new stand-up album Sandwiches And Cats, Michael Showalter says, "The State is reuniting (though in truth we never broke up) to make a sketch comedy movie. All I can say about it is that we're back together after a brief 10 year break and it's going to be about the history of our country. Hopefully, funny." Yes, hopefully. In a lengthy interview linked from the same site, Showalter also indicates that his spin-off group Stella will eventually make a comeback, saying, "There's no immediate plans for that, but we haven't disbanded or anything. And so I'm sure that when we're all not doing anything at the same time, we'll come back and do another tour; make another show or something? I think it's very much in the back of all our minds to do that."