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Michael Showalter is developing a sci-fi comedy for FX

According to Deadline, America’s sweetheart Michael Showalter is developing a sci-fi comedy for FX called Daedalus 6. He’s executive producing the project with Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit, both of whom worked with Showalter on ABC’s short-lived Rebel Wilson vehicle Super Fun Night. Beyond its producers, we don’t really know much about Daedalus 6, but those producers might give us an indication of how the project will turn out, at least. For example, Showalter co-wrote the cult-classic comedy Wet Hot American Summer, which is a good sign. However, Hernandez and Samit were writers for NBC’s presidential comedy 1600 Penn, which is less good.

Abominable Pictures’ Jonathan Stern is also involved, though, and he’s an executive producer on Childrens Hospital and is the co-creator of its spinoff Newsreaders, so that’s good. Plus, Hernandez and Samit are writing the Gilligan’s Island movie for Warner Bros., which…might be good? OK, we’re obviously not getting anywhere, so let’s just stop trying to predict how Daedalus 6 will turn out and talk about something else for a while. What’s everybody dressing up as for Halloween?


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