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Michael Sheen has a wild story about how he got his name

Photo: Michael Loccisano (Getty Images)

Michael Sheen generally comes off as a delight pretty much wherever he pops up, whether he’s playing a nervous angel in Amazon’s recent Good Omens, or simply vouching for his fans and their rights to indulge in the storied practice of writing fan fiction. Case in point: A recent social media post in which he took a simple joke about his name on Twitter and transformed it into a cosmic meditation on fate, luck, and, of course, persistent infant mortality rates.


To wit: A “Michael Sheen facts” joke account noted that Sheen’s name was, well, Michael Sheen. To which Sheen—who, if he self-Googles this much, is presumably reading this, so, “Hey!”—responded that, no, actually his birth name was Christopher. And things just got weirder from there. (And, given the name mix-ups with babies and nurses, weirdly similar to the plot of Good Omens itself?) Anyway, Christopher or no, Michael Sheen is delightful, and we’re glad that, unlike all those other Michael Sheens consigned to the distant dust of history, he managed to survive.

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