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Michael Shannon to star in millennial heist thriller that sorta sounds like The Bling Ring

“Hello, fellow millennials.”
Photo: Mike Windle (Getty Images)

The Bling Ring wasn’t Sofia Coppola’s best film, but the 2013 comedy was prescient in the way it explored materiality in our modern age of celebrity. Now, another story of young, self-absorbed looters has emerged in Echo Boomers, a new movie from fresh-faced writer and director Seth Savoy.

The film, which derives its title from an alternate label for “millennials,” follows “a group of disillusioned twenty-somethings, who use the city as their playground by breaking into the homes of the richest citizens, stealing from the rich and giving to themselves.” A press release touts it as being based on a true story, but it’s unclear if that story is the same one dramatized in The Bling Ring, which took inspiration from a Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales. Of course, Coppola’s film was explicitly about celebrity, while this one seems to find its cast ransacking the homes of normal, non-famous rich people, so we’re probably looking at something altogether different.


Regardless, the cast is impressive. Rising stars Nick Robinson (Love, Simon), Britt Robertson (Girl Boss), and Alex Pettyfer (Elvis & Nixon) will likely play the aforementioned twentysomethings, while Oscar nominee Michael Shannon will be the one croacking at them to get off their gosh-darn phones.

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