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Michael Rapaport's new thing is yelling at an internet cat

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Comedians, like all other artists and entertainers, often work in what can later be identified as distinct phases. Picasso’s Blue Period, for example, represents a dark time in the artist’s life following a dear friend’s suicide, while Dylan picked up the electric guitar after years performing stripped-down, classic folk on his own. Both are key eras in their careers that would forever change the way we look back at their oeuvre.


Well, actor and comedian Michael Rapaport looks to be setting out on a new period of his own—one defined by his concentration on “yelling at an internet cat.”

This bold new direction started a couple of weeks ago when Rapaport uploaded a video of himself hollering over footage of famously weird-looking internet cat, Wilfred Warrior. The first clip sees Rapaport pretending he’s recording a pre-existing video of Wilfred just doing his thing in a backyard. As he looks at the bug-eyed Chinchilla Persian’s face, Rapaport screams a bunch in mock alarm.

The accompanying tweet states: “This little fucker looks like my GrandMa! I love my GrandMa but hate Cats.” This title sums up the video well. At one point, after saying “What the fuck is that?” a bunch, he does, indeed, state “It looks like grandma, the fucking thing!”

Apparently this wasn’t just a one-off project for Rapaport. No, he’s back at it again, providing another voiceover named, like a track from the middle-point of a ‘90s comedy album, “This Little Funker Won’t Go Away (The Sequel).“

Picking up from where the previous video left off, the second clip forms a sort of diptych of Rapaport wailing at Wilfred. This time, it’s raining, which, combined with the cat first appearing with its back turned mysteriously away from the camera, sets a foreboding tone. “Ma! Call the fucking cops!” he yells. “That fucking cat is back! The one that looks like it’s wearing make-up!” Wilfred, one of god’s own creatures, looks up at the viewer woefully. His owners, too, have responded with an Instagram post recognizing the poor beast’s role as Rapaport’s muse.

With two videos to his name, it’s anybody’s guess how far this series of work will go. Regardless, we can hope it represents a fruitful new period in Rapaport’s work. After all, it seems far better for him to be yelling at existing videos of internet cats than, uh, channeling that passion in defense of Dustin Hoffman and Chris Brown.


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