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Illustration for article titled Michael Rapaport joining emJustified/em, probably feeding someone to an alligator

After four seasons of tangling with the Dixie and Detroit mafias, myriad crazy Christian cults, moonshiners, and angry hill people, Justified’s Raylan Givens is finally ready to take on those most loathsome and backwards of all outliers: people from Florida. TV Line reports that the fifth season will introduce Michael Rapaport as Dale Crowe Jr., the “sexy and charismatic patriarch of a white-trash Florida crime family,” whose “sexy charisma” mostly involves sounding like a hyperactive Brooklyn guy, we’re assuming. Dale is an ex-con (we say redundantly, as this is Justified) who’s also a relative of Boyd’s idiotic associate Dewey Crowe, though far smarter and savvier, even more so than on the Crowe sliding scale. Most intriguing of all, Dale “owns a gator farm”—meaning this season, someone will be fed to a gator. This is what is known in drama as “Chekhov’s Gator.”


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