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Michael Rapaport explains Q-Tip's beef with his A Tribe Called Quest documentary

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As you may recall, the trailer for Michael Rapaport’s upcoming A Tribe Called Quest documentary was answered with a near-immediate backlash from Q-Tip, who took to his Twitter account to let the world know that he was not in support of it, and that Rapaport should “respect the band enough to honor our request regarding the film.” Since then it’s been nothing but speculation as to what that request may have been, but in a recent interview with MTV, Rapaport finally elaborated on what could have sparked Q-Tip’s concerns, saying it all comes down to the group members’ nervousness over seeing themselves depicted honestly:

“I adore ATCQ and my intention wasn’t to ever make them feel uncomfortable but my intention was never to make a fluff piece so we kind of hit a bump in the road. And we promoted [the film together]. Q-Tip and me were on the radio talking about 'This is going to be the real story of A Tribe Called Quest.' When I say 'the real story' that doesn’t mean that there’s going to be crazy shit. I didn’t unveil any secrets. From what I’ve learned Q-Tip and Phife have known each other their whole lives and they are like a family. And like any family, like any group—the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, EPMD, Public Enemy—they’ve had bumps in the road. I just think that because A Tribe Called Quest is so precious to fans, they were concerned about unveiling some of those things."

Any A Tribe Called Quest fan who somehow missed those years where Phife Dawg and Q-Tip very publicly bickered should prepare to have their world rocked, and then try to enjoy their music anyway.

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