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Michael Patrick King wants The Comeback to—wait for it—make a comeback

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Michael Patrick King is a close as a TV writer gets to being a household name, on the strength of two hit shows — Sex And The City, and 2 Broke Girls. But he still has affection for his least successful creation, The Comeback, which aired on HBO for only one 13-episode season in 2005 before being cancelled.

The Comeback was a mockumentary starring Lisa Kudrow as a washed-up actress who would suffer any humiliation to retain her grip on the brass ring. In nearly a decade since the show was axed, its reputation has only improved, as latecomers have discovered the show on HBO Go (the entire series is still streaming). And in the latest, Veronica Mars-covered Entertainment Weekly—in which the creators of other cancelled cult shows discuss their own chances for revival—King says he thinks the show is primed for, yes, a comeback.

King says that he's had meetings with Kudrow where they do a "creative exploration" of tossing around ideas. And while they're not officially pursuing anything as of yet, King says that "all bets are off" when it comes to streaming services and web series, which he believes would lend itself to the binge-watching, "raw footage" feel of The Comeback. Should someone actually take them up on it, the the idea they have so far is "Valerie getting what she wanted and what fresh hell that would be"—so, basically the second season of Extras. Here's hoping they can land David Bowie.


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