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Michael Moore has filed a lawsuit alleging that longtime supporters Harvey and Bob Weinstein have cheated him out of at least $2.7 million in Fahrenheit 9/11 profits, citing a process of “Hollywood accounting tricks” and “financial deception” that included several improper deductions—including diverting funds to fly one of the Weinsteins to Europe via private jet. In the suit, Moore says that Fahrenheit’s $222 million gross was meant to be split evenly between himself and the Weinsteins’ Fellowship Adventure Group, but that a 2008 audit revealed the Weinsteins had used “bogus accounting methods” to skim more than their fair share. (Because if you’re going to swindle someone, make it Michael Moore—he’ll never say anything.) The Weinsteins have already responded to the allegations through their attorney, Bert Fields, who says that Moore “has received a huge amount of money from this film and we believe he is overreaching.” Sounds like Moore might already have an idea for his next documentary—though obviously, he'll have to find someone else to release it.


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