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The poster for Michael Moore’s new one-man show asks: “Can A Broadway Show Take Down A Sitting President?” Alas, we’re going to guess the answer is “no,” but Moore is sure as hell going to try. The production titled The Terms Of My Surrender was announced today and will mark the documentarian’s Broadway debut. According to a press release, it’s “guaranteed to take audiences on a ride through the United States of Insanity, explaining once and for all how the f*** we got here, and where best to dine before crossing with the Von Trapp family over the Canadian border.”

In our review of Moore’s latest film, Michael Moore In TrumpLand, The A.V. Club described it as “essentially a concert film“ documenting a Moore performance about the election. The Terms Of My Surrender will start previews on Broadway on July 28 and open August 10.


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