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Michael Moore is invading primary season with his new documentary

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Filmmaker, steakhouse exile, and proud dishwasher owner Michael Moore has announced that he’s moving the release date of his new political documentary back by two months, in order to line up more closely with the United States’ presidential primaries. Where To Invade Next—which sees Moore travel around Europe to steal other countries’ good ideas and annoy their polite children with long-winded, multi-lingual schtick—will be released in theaters on February 12, three days after the New Hampshire primary that kicks off the grueling American election season. (Also, this is your reminder that, all appearances aside, primary season hasn’t actually started yet. Christ.)

Technically, Moore’s film will open briefly later this month in New York and L.A., in order to secure its place as a contender for next year’s Academy Awards. But then it’ll close again, until the day it can open to a waiting, politically activated country, basking in the blessed rays of reason that will emit from movie projectors nationwide. Together, we’ll all join hands, certain in the knowledge that this time, for some reason, Moore’s mixture of populism, pranks, and loud-mouthed bullhorn wielding will create the liberal, socialist utopia he’s been dreaming of, lo these many, Fahrenheit 9/11-ignoring years.


[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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