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Michael Madsen to play a senile superhero on season two of Powers

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Deadline reports that, according to Playstation and Sony Pictures TV, Michael Madsen will portray the key character of SuperShock on season two of Powers, that superhero/cop show you keep forgetting exists.

Exclusive to the Playstation Network and free to subscribers to Sony’s PlayStation Plus program, the show is based on a comic book created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming and stars Sharlto Copley as a guy who becomes a cop after losing his super-abilities. Apparently, Powers was the “most-watched season premiere” on the console last summer, with its only competition being Blu-rays of old Mad Men season premieres and the reflections of viewers sleeping on the couch after their TVs have gone into power-save mode. With that kind of success, a second season was pretty much a guarantee.

According to Deadline, the character of SuperShock is basically a version of Superman who goes crazy, “a perfect physical specimen with an unparalleled presence that catapulted him to global fame” who then disappeared from public life under mysterious circumstances. He returns to the fold as a senile super-person 40 years later, in response to the death of Retro Girl. Madsen certainly has the jawline to play a superhero, as well as the perfect mixture of mirth and obvious mania that this character seems to require. But he might have to hit the gym now that The Hateful Eight is done filming, in observance of that “perfect physical specimen” thing.


Powers will return to the Playstation Network at some point in 2016.

[via Uproxx]


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