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Screenshot: Reservoir Dogs (YouTube)

There are few scenes in ‘90s cinema so iconic as Mr. Blonde’s mellifluous ear assault from 1992's Reservoir Dogs, which sets a gruesome bit of straight razor torture against Stealers Wheel’s bubbly “Stuck In The Middle With You.” Mr. Blonde, as played by Michael Madsen, nearly got a showcase of his own in a prequel film about the Vega brothers from Quentin Tarantino, but, given that time has rendered the project more or less impossible, we’ll never know where he picked up those sweet dance moves.


We can, however, watch Madsen bust them out again thanks to a fun, decidedly twisted PSA the actor and his family recently shared.

In it, Stealers Wheel’s hit resounds as a camera tracks the bloody bandages covering the ears of everyone in the Madsen household. In the end, Madsen himself is revealed in the dark shades and black suit jacket he wore in the film, cutting a rug with that mischievous grin. We can only assume he just couldn’t get the blood out of those old pants.


Check out the original clip below, should you be the kind of sick fuck who enjoys revisiting this sort of thing.

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