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Michael Keaton plays a creepy children’s host in this unaired SNL sketch

It's a shame they couldn't use those flower puppets.

Michael Keaton may have hosted Saturday Night Live months and months ago—right around all that Birdman hype—but the late-night show only recently released an unaired sketch from his episode. In the cut-for-time sketch, “Children’s Show,” Keaton plays “Toby,” a bootleg Steve from Blue’s Clues, striped rugby shirt and all. In the SNL universe, things aren’t going all that well for Toby, who’s facing down foreclosure and repossession while trying to teach kids about letters, numbers, and telling time. Bonus points to Keaton for his willingness to both sing and appear super creepy, as his knee-socked and bewigged costume aren’t doing him any favors.

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