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Yesterday, we reported the wholly unsurprising news that Black Manta will be the main villain in the Aquaman movie, possibly because most of the other villains are stupid, and now the internet has done its duty by stepping in to nominate the perfect actor for that role. The guy they’ve chosen is Michael K. Williams, who is best known for playing Omar Little on The Wire, and there are a ton of reasons why that’s a great idea. For starters, he’s awesome and pretty much everything he does is awesome, but also having him face off against Jason Momoa’s Aquaman would give the whole thing an air of HBO prestige. It’ll be like the Game Of Thrones/The Wire crossover showdown of our dreams.

The most important reason of all, though, is that Williams himself is into the idea:


Hopefully, the obvious brilliance of Williams as Black Manta will help DC and Warner Bros. avoid the kind of difficult decision that Marvel is facing if it ever decides to make a Squirrel Girl movie, which has two equally inspired choices vocally campaigning for the gig.

[via Comicbook.com]

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