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Michael Jackson's son being raised by the creepy foster family of Entertainment Tonight

Prince Michael Jackson is now 16 years old, well past the age to join the family business of making people uncomfortable. And while his sister Paris chooses to do that in a more traditional method of starring in movies about fish-people voiced by Joey Fatone, Prince has opted for a slightly different spin on awkward things involving D-list celebrities by becoming a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. The eldest Jackson child made his TV-and-workforce debut this week by interviewing James Franco, Sam Raimi, and Zach Braff from Oz The Great And Powerful—a film that Jackson’s “mentor” and ET foster mother Brooke Anderson points out he has a “personal connection” to, because Michael Jackson once starred in The Wiz, and also because Jackson appears to spend some of the interview talking about how he’s Michael Jackson’s kid and he’s doing interviews now. Also, his dad really liked E.T. Indeed, everything about this is natural.

Anyway, Prince Jackson says he sees his new job as a step toward his ultimate goal “to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter, and actor”—ambitions that, of course, must begin with learning show business from its basest level, as a gimmick employed by Entertainment Tonight. Still, here’s hoping he can someday escape the nepotistic exploitation of that show and return to the comparatively healthier environment of the Jackson family.


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