Yahoo and a bunch of other motherfuckers are reporting that Michael Jackson’s estate has sold the late pop icon's first ten posthumous albums for up to 250,000 million dollars. This blockbuster deal comes on the heels of the runaway success of the singer’s ghoulish posthumous concert film This Is It, which became the top-grossing performance film of all time with a worldwide gross of over two hundred and fifty million dollars.

According to the article, the double-disc soundtrack to This Is It, which has already sold five million copies, is part of the deal. Other possible projects include a re-release of Off The Wall, a video game and video compilations. The deal also includes an album of unreleased material from the Jackson vaults to be released in November.

Jackson left behind debts totaling four hundred million dollars. But the late singer also owned half of the publishing rights to the Beatles catalog, a treasure trove worth a reported two billion dollars.


Given Jackson’s huge posthumous surge in popularity, none of this is surprising. Can a crudely patched-together “collaborative” album pairing Jackson with fellow posthumous gold mine 2Pac be far behind?