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Michael Jackson's death ruled a homicide

A few weeks ago I asked one of my colleagues here at The A.V Club when the Dresden bombing-like media blitz surroundng Michael Jackson's death would end, or at least taper off somewhat. Now that Jackson's death has been ruled a homicide it looks like that moment may never come. According to Variety, the Los Angeles County coroner now posits that Jackson died of a combination of an anestethetic called propofol and other sedatives, primarily lorazepam. The controversial singer's even more controversial personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, is apparently the target of the homicide investigation and potentially faces manslaughter charges. A sad story grows sadder and more sordid by the day. Will the people responsible for Jackson's death be put away? The path of justice is slow and twisty, not to mention turny, yet we are, as always, cautiously optimistic.


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