Like her late father Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson has dreams of becoming an actor—and like Michael Jackson, she’s doing it with some the strangest movies possible. Following in the footsteps of her father’s film choices like Miss Cast Away And The Island Girls, the 13-year-old Paris will make her first genuine foray into show business by starring in the upcoming Lundon’s Bridge And The Three Keys, the first of a planned five-part adaptation of the fantasy series from Dennis Christen—author of 1975’s timeless Rape? Not Me!!—about a young girl whose family becomes caught up in a fierce war between land and sea, one that involves an evil Jellyfish Queen, a dolphin made human by “ancient sea-magic,” a teenaged boy transformed into a dragonfly, and the voice talents of Larry King as “King Pom” and Joey Fatone as a seahorse named “Paco.” According to the film’s website, Paris has landed the coveted role of “Human Character.” (It’s the part she was born to play, baby!) Struggling actors, take heed that the roles of Sparkles the friendly Starfish and the three-headed Muck Munchers have yet to be cast, so there is still time to get involved and, like Paris, leave your footprints on the sands of time and leave something for them not to forget, which is certainly what this thing is that she is doing.