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With Mad Dogs now running free on a farm upstate somewhere, Michael Imperioli has landed his next TV project. According to Deadline, the Sopranos and Californication alum has made a deal with the devil—and the Fox network—to recur on Lucifer. Imperioli has been cast as Uriel, brother to Tom Ellis’ Lucifer (formerly Samael) and D.B. Woodside’s Amenadiel. Fox picked up the series for a second season last spring.

Uriel’s been name-checked on the show before, but he’ll make his first appearance in season two of the comic-book adaptation. He’s the voice of the Host of angels to which Amenadiel also belongs, which is the one club Lucifer can’t join. But all three brothers will presumably be on their best behavior when their mother comes to town/Earth. Battlestar Galacticas Tricia Helfer has signed on to play the devil’s mom, who Lucifer executive producer Joe Henderson describes as “a stick of dynamite that explodes.” He also teased the season-two story:

Season one was all Daddy issues, but Mom’s here in the flesh. What does that mean? The fun thing about Mom is that she’s a soul in search of a body. She’s popping from body to body.


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