If you follow Michael Ian Black on Twitter (which some of us might do with near-religious zeal, just saying), you know that he’s well aware of how to be amazing—it’s a cornerstone of his comic persona. From his time with The State to his anything-goes podcast Mike And Tom Eat Snacks to his stand-up comedy, the man knows from amazing. So it’s clearly only out of the goodness of his heart that he’s launched an audio show where he interviews other famous folks about how they got to be so amazing, in the hopes that maybe you, too, can use this knowledge to one day be amazing yourself.

How To Be Amazing is Black’s newest venture, an audio show (like a podcast, but called an “audio show” because it’s only available on Audible.com, even though it’s totally a podcast) wherein he dishes at length with a noteworthy guest. Shows thus far include talks with such luminaries as Nate Silver, Miranda July, Amy Schumer, and Bob Odenkirk. The latest episode, which comes out on Monday, features Megan Mullally, and you can hear an exclusive tease from it below, in which Mullally bemoans a former associate who got angry with her for not getting him the role of Jack on Will & Grace. You can pre-order it at the above link now.