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Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter’s new infomercial parody now available for people who enjoy sleeping

Adult Swim’s attempt to create an entire alternate TV reality now extends beyond the Childrens Hospital universe and a shot-for-shot re-creation of the Simon & Simon title sequence: Last night, at the witching/tweaking hour of 4 a.m., the network debuted the first installment of You’re Whole, an infomercial parody starring Michael Ian Black and directed by his longtime collaborator Michael Showalter. Easily mistaken for the genuine article were it not for the presence of Black as “leading expert” Randall Tyree Mandersohn, You’re Whole details Mandersohn’s casually racist, volleyball-obsessed path to a better you in a manner familiar to anyone who’s ever killed time before daylight by flipping through their cable package. Mandersohn is set to occupy this pre-dawn timeslot for the rest of November, with two further peeks into his 27-DVD system—“Finger Puppets/Saxophone/Fish Tank” and “Tools/Drawing Comics/Spin Class”—airing in the coming weeks. (According to Adult Swim reps, an additional Mandersohn infomercial is planned for 2013.) But wait, there’s more: For functioning members of society who have work in the morning (or don’t have a DVR), Adult Swim has posted the first third of You’re Whole to YouTube! So act now and spend 12 life-changing minutes with You’re Whole! (Hope you’re ready for more wordplay like that, because it’s all up in You’re Whole.)

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