Michael Hogan will play a wheelchair-bound crime kingpin in the upcoming second season of Fargo, according to The Wrap. Known for his role as Colonel Saul Tigh in Battlestar Galactica, Hogan will play a similar tough nut in Otto Gerhardt, a first generation immigrant who transformed his father’s humble trucking business into a Midwestern criminal empire. Gerhardt‘s will is so strong that he retains control despite recently suffering a stroke and being unable to speak or feed himself. (He also apparently has his every whim catered to by Indian servants.)

Fargo’s second season takes place in 1979 in Laverne, Minnesota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It focuses on a much younger Lou Solverson, the father of season one’s protagonist Molly Solverson. Patrick Wilson will helm the lead role of Lou, joined by Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson, Nick Offerman, and Jesse Plemons. Season two of Fargo premieres on FX sometime this fall.