Michael Gross, plaid-shirted conscience of the ’80s, is returning to series television with a recurring role on USA’s Suits, the legal drama about how anyone who puts on a suit is automatically a lawyer. According to TV Line, Gross will play the “down-to-earth founder of a groundbreaking DVD distribution company” who’s fending off takeover bids, likely because—much as Family Ties’ aging hippie Steven Keaton once resisted his son’s Reagan-era greed, or much as Tremors survivalist Burt Gummer didn’t trust bureaucrats any more than he trusted giant worms—he still clings to his idealistic belief in old-fashioned, homegrown physical media, hewn onto little silver discs like nature intended. Unfortunately, he’s going to need some help, and that help will need to be wearing a suit. “What would we do, baby, without suits?” Gross’ character is expected to say. “Sha-la-la-la.”