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Michael Fassbender officially joins Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Michael Fassbender has been confirmed to star in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the sci-fi film that was once an Alien prequel but which is absolutely not now—although, as Scott has said, it still retains certain strands of Alien DNA.” Like other confirmed star Noomi Rapace, Fassbender certainly numbers among those double-helices, as he’s been rumored to be attached to the project ever since it was still an Alien film, and his character doesn’t appear to have changed any: He’s playing an android, one that was once considered a precursor to Lance Henriksen’s Bishop, but who will now simply be reminiscent of him, we guess. Prometheus just had its release date bumped to June 8, 2012, almost exactly a year after Fassbender will star as Magneto in this summer’s X-Men: First Class, thereby hopefully making Fassbender famous enough that he won’t always have to be identified as “you know, that guy from Inglourious Basterds” (or worse, “that guy from Jonah Hex”).


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