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Michael Fassbender gets a new body and identity in Alien: Covenant featurette

Screenshot: Alien: Covenant featurette/YouTube

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus ends with David’s (Michael Fassbender) severed head helping Shaw (Noomi Rapace) navigate her way back to the Engineers’ homeworld. This setup for the next film in this Alien prequel saga suggested we’d eventually get some real answers. But Michael’s body-less head did present some trouble, as well as the possibility of some Basket Case-like hijinks. Would Shaw tote the head around in Alien: Covenant, or would someone from the new crew—which includes Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, and James Franco—find a way to make him whole again? From the looks of this featurette, we can stop worrying about that, because David is no more.

“Walter. We are Walter,” Fassbender says after getting a new body, complete with head. The tears forming in his eyes suggest he got a new attitude as well, but we won’t know for sure until Alien: Covenant opens May 19 in theaters.


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