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Michael Douglas will be playing Ant-Man, also

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While the casting of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man seemed to settle once and for all the matter of who would be cast as Ant-Man, not even an official casting announcement is enough to stem the tide of Marvel casting reports these days. The studio has now revealed that Michael Douglas is also playing Ant-Man—a potentially confusing report that, actually, clarifies things a bit. As previously hinted at by director Edgar Wright, we now know for sure that Douglas will be playing the older, original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, whose powers fall into the hands of Rudd’s character, Scott Lang, with the two of them then teaming up to prove that two tiny guys can do things that no other, much larger superpowered or even regular person can do, apparently.

Much as Douglas spent his Behind The Candelabra junket talking about how he performed so much cunnilingus it gave him cancer, amIritefellas, Douglas is presumably already out there proving he’s not actually an ant by denying he burrows into sand. (“Absolutely not, I don’t live in sand. It would get in my mouth while I'm doing cunnilingus,” Douglas is saying, probably.) Anyway, with the news that both Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas have been cast as Ant-Man, fans now anxiously await to hear who will be cast as Ant-Man.

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