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Michael Chiklis to torture Noomi Rapace in new Noomi Rapace torture movie

Michael Chiklis - Eagle Eye

Michael Chiklis is the latest actor to get pulled into the lucrative orbit of Noomi Rapace torture films. Deadline reports that Chiklis has signed on as the primary villain in Rupture, a science-fiction thriller that will be directed by Steven Shainberg (Secretary) based on a story Shainberg created with screenwriter Brian Nelson (Hard Candy).

Because it is a movie, and Noomi Rapace is in it, Rupture will primarily center around the tormenting of Rapace’s character; specifically, she will play the mother of a 12-year-old boy who is stolen by a mysterious organization. Because she is playing a character who has never seen a Noomi Rapace film, she confronts the group, only to be imprisoned and informed that she is in fact, an alien. While she may appear as a human, extreme fear can trigger her true nature to emerge. Chiklis is playing “The Bald Man,” who is responsible for Rapace’ confinement. It’s likely he’ll be the one inflicting emotional distress, while repeatedly warning Rapace that panicking will only serve to activate her transformation. He may also be the only key to her son’s whereabouts. He’ll definitely be the bald one who looks just like The Commish.


Rapace has a history of playing characters victimized in almost every way imaginable, including the sexual degradation of Daisy Diamond and the Millennium Trilogy, the spousal abuse of The Monitor, the interspecies body horror of Prometheus, the psychosexual blackmail of The Passion, as well as good old-fashioned gangland threats in The Drop. Chiklis is a relative newcomer to menacing Rapace, but he brings experience physically brutalizing perps as The Shield’s Vic Mackey. He also starred in both of Fox’s Fantastic Four movies, so he knows a thing or two about mass suffering.

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