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Michael Che and Colin Jost will stick around as SNL's co-head writers

Photo: Will Heath (NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images)

Saturday Night Live has been enjoying a resurgence, despite how increasingly exhausting Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression is, so the show has naturally decided to try and avoid messing with success by following the classic “if it ain’t broke” strategy. To that end, last season’s head writers Colin Jost, Michael Che, and Kent Sublette will be sticking around as co-head writers when the show kicks off its 44th season at the end of this month. Sublette has been a head writer since season 42, two years ago, and season 43's other head writer Bryan Tucker will step down to senior writer.

This comes as Jost and Che have enjoyed a rather unexpected rise to stardom, at least given how rocky the start of the Weekend Update tenure was, as the two of them are also set to co-host the Primetime Emmy Awards next week.


[via Deadline]

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