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Michael Chabon, Pulitzer-winning author behind such works as The Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay and The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, may finally put his fancy wordsmithing toward something notable on Disney’s Magic Kingdom, in which various theme park attractions that couldn’t spawn their own movies make Disney some synergistic money anyway. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chabon is in talks with director Jon Favreau about taking over the initial draft from leonine Battlestar Galactica writer Ronald Moore, with Chabon doing some of the same punch-up work he’s previously brought to projects like Spider-Man 2, and continuing the burgeoning Disney relationship he’s built through his recent (rejected) work on the Snow White-meets-ninjas tale Snow And The Seven, the upcoming John Carter From Mars adaptation, and the book for an upcoming Dumbo Broadway musical.

Given that Kavalier And Clay proved Chabon is well-versed in golems, he’s definitely not an outlandish choice to tackle the story of an amusement park coming to life. But we suspect the studio might take issue with his suggestion that the Disney golems are created to protect their village against Walt Disney himself, after his cryogenically frozen corpse is melted and reanimated by his white-hot anti-Semitic rage.


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