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Michael Cera released a surprise album last night

Joining a growing number of surprise album releases, last night Michael Cera threw another on the heaping pile at Bandcamp with the 18-track experiment, True That. Attention was first drawn to True That when Jonah Hill tweeted a link to the project, urging people to check out the actor’s take on the kind of lo-fi folkiness that could so easily soundtrack a Michael Cera film.

A fair amount of True That is instrumental, but occasionally Cera offers up hushed, slight that reveal how indebted he is to the mournful music of Mister Heavenly—an influence previously unrevealed in his turn as bassist for Mister Heavenly (to say nothing of Sex Bob-omb). True That can be streamed in full below. If nothing else, it should tide you over until Cera once again has opportunity to mumble at audiences in a visual medium.


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