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Fed up with embodying the modern, round-shouldered American male, Michael Cera is combating the pervasive accusation that he is only capable of playing Michael Cera by learning to play Michael Cera….en fuego. The Playlist reports that, according to his Youth In Revolt director Miguel Arteta, Cera is currently “spending five hours a day learning Spanish” in preparation to travel to Chile and star in a new film from The Maid’s Sebastian Silva. As the article points out, it’s similar to Will Ferrell’s plans to star in the Spanish-language telenovela spoof formerly titled Casa De Mi Padre, although presumably Silva (also known for the recent dark comedy Old Cats) isn’t interested in a film that mines the bulk of its humor from seeing an American comedian lustily rolling his R’s. Anyway, if undergoing fight training for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and now learning Spanish and immersing himself in South America isn’t enough to break the Cera stereotype, we look forward to Cera giving in to the inevitable drastic measure of “going Anthony Michael Hall."


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