2013’s Now You See Me was about a team of aggressively cool magicians—and Woody Harrelson—who stage a series of elaborate performances that are secretly tied to stealing from a bunch of corrupt bad guys. Mark Ruffalo plays an FBI agent on the magic beat who is determined to stop them, and Michael Caine is a rich guy who bankrolls their act until they end up stealing from him as well. By the end of the movie—spoiler alert—it’s revealed that the magicians are actually trying to earn their way into a secret society that can supposedly do real Harry Potter-style magic, and Mark Ruffalo was actually the guy behind it.

Since the end of the movie seemed to confirm the existence of said real Harry Potter-style magic, the only direction for its sequel to go in now is to feature Harry Potter himself, and according to Michael Caine, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Well, not Harry Potter himself, but Daniel Radcliffe, the guy who played him in those movies. Speaking with something called HeyUGuys, Caine said that he’ll be shooting the Now You See Me sequel—which better be called Now You See Me Too— in December, and that Daniel Radcliffe will be playing his son. Caine even says he thinks the idea is “funny,” so the casting—assuming it’s real—does seem like a purposeful meta-joke. However, since Caine wasn’t one of the magical characters in the first movie, it doesn’t seem likely that Radcliffe will get to show off any of the tricks he learned at Hogwarts.


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