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Michael Caine explains the ending of Inception

[Do we really need to point out that an article with that headline will contain spoilers for those who haven’t seen Inception? Not to take an argumentative tone here, but why would you click on a headline like that if you haven’t seen the film yet? What were you thinking? You know, it’s just that sort of guileless, blame-everyone-else attitude that’s ruining society. Anyway, go read something else and come back after you’ve actually seen the movie, Baby Huey.]

The end of Inception continues to provoke heated debate among fans and other people who haven’t seen anything else worth talking about in the last few months. While that’s obviously just what director Christopher Nolan intended by leaving those final moments open to interpretation, Sir Michael Caine has no love for ambiguity: He offered his own matter-of-fact explanation during a recent BBC Radio interview, saying that his character’s appearance in the scenes where Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb is reunited with his children means “it’s real, because I’m never in the dream.” So take that as you will—but also, take it from Michael Caine, who is a badass. [via AICN]


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