Michael C. Hall has signed on to Disney’s Pete’s Dragon remake, joining a cast that already includes Bryce Dallas Howard, Wes Bentley, and Robert Redford. Details of Hall’s role are unknown—which is unsurprising, given that we’re still not sure what Howard or Bentley are doing in the film either. At this point, all that’s known is Boardwalk Empire’s Oakes Fegley will play the titular orphan raised by a dragon in the woods, and that Redford will play a local man who doesn’t think that’s silly at all.

According to Variety, the film will use CGI to bring the dragon to life, no doubt pissing off cartoon dragon traditionalists everywhere. (They’re already miffed about getting CG Smaug, when this guy was so charming.) There’s been no word yet on who will voice the dragon, so it’s possible Hall is filling that role. Or maybe he’s playing one of those coldhearted humans who think a boy’s place is at home, not gallivanting through the woods with a fire-breathing beast that kills for fun.