In an ideal meeting of a project that stubbornly refuses to be finished and the guy who used to be on Dexter, Michael C. Hall is attached to star in and executive produce the unfinished Stanley Kubrick miniseries God Fearing Man. In addition to Hall’s behind-the-scenes duties, The Hollywood Reporter says that the Dexter and Six Feet Under star will play Herbert Emerson Wilson, the real-life Canadian minister who developed a lucrative side career as a safecracker and bank robber—sort of the opposite trajectory taken by a certain Miami-based criminal on Michael C. Hall’s CV.

God Fearing Man is one of two unproduced Kubrick projects put into development in 2012 by Entertainment One—the production studio behind AMC’s Hell On Wheels—and Kubrick’s son-in-law/Full Metal Jacket collaborator Philip Hobbs. It is, of course, only one of an untold number of creative endeavors left incomplete following the filmmaker’s 1999 death. Some, like A.I. and God Fearing Man (assuming it finds a broadcast, cable, or streaming home), have come to see the light of day; others, like his epic Napoleon biopic and the pulpy mystery Lunatic At Large, supposedly remain in play. Still others—a 100 percent historically accurate recreation of the Battle of Gettysburg (filmed in real time) and an animated musical version of The Brothers Karamazov—remain the invention of this Newswire brief, confined to a realm of tossed-off fictions whose barriers weren’t enough to keep Dexter’s ludicrous finale from crossing over into our reality.