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Michael C. Hall to star in new Netflix series that hopefully won’t end terribly

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty

It’s been a few years, but Michael C. Hall is finally ready to get back on your TV screen on a regular basis—for a season, anyway. Variety reports the Dexter star is set to headline Safe, a new thriller series from popular author Harlan Coben. It will air on Netflix, and hopefully not end with such a miserable series finale that it makes everyone retroactively think less of the entire show that went before.

Hall will play a British pediatric surgeon trying to raise his two daughters alone following the death of his wife. Though it doesn’t say whether the series plans to continue on for at least two seasons after it should’ve ended, continuing the trend set by Hall’s previous series, it does note that, “The family is seemingly safe inside a gated community,” and the plot will kick off “when the elder daughter sneaks out to a party and a murder and disappearance follow, changing all of their lives.” Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington is costarring.


The eight-part drama is already shooting in the British cities of Manchester and Cheshire, and Danny Brocklehurst (Shameless) has written all the scripts. Left unsaid is whether Hall will again be expected to single-handedly elevate the material and trick people into thinking pulpy silliness is prestige television. Safe does not yet have a release date.

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