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Back in April, we reported that The Man Who Fell To Earth—the 1976 Walter Tevis adaptation/David Bowie biopic—was being made into a musical called Lazarus. Bowie himself is writing it alongside Enda Walsh (who won a Tony for Once), and Bowie is also apparently writing new music for the production as well. Now, Consequence Of Sound is reporting that Michael C. Hall, the former Dexter Morgan, will be starring in Lazarus. Hall doesn’t really have that same otherworldly swagger that David Bowie is known for, but the last few seasons of Dexter were certainly alienating to fans. Get it?


The Man Who Fell To Earth—and presumably Lazarus—is about a human-looking alien who comes to Earth on a mission to steal some of its water for his home planet. With his advanced alien brain and fabulous David Bowie hair, he quickly becomes rich, powerful, and cripplingly alcoholic. Thanks to the inherent open-mindedness of the human race, all of his problems are eventually solved and everybody lives happily ever after. (Not really, but we don’t want to spoil it.)

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