(Photo: Getty Images, David M. Benett)

In what seems like a good setup for a joke about John F. Kennedy faking his death so he can live out the rest of his days as a bearded lumberjack, Deadline is reporting that Michael C. Hall has been cast as the former president in season two of the award-winning Netflix series The Crown. Heā€™ll be joined by Jodi Balfour, who will be playing Jackie Kennedy, and the previously announced Matthew Goode, who is playing Princess Margaretā€™s husband.

Deadline says The Crownā€™s take on John F. Kennedy will be pretty far from reverent, with him being ā€œa natural leader and excellent public speaker who does not take kindly to being upstaged by anyone, especially his wife.ā€ Also, he ā€œseeks revenge by flaunting his many infidelitiesā€ in public and uses ā€œanger and manipulationā€ to express his jealousy in private. In other words, Netflix is getting another asshole president.