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Michael Bay to produce Zombies Vs. Robots, begin the genre apocalypse

Illustration for article titled Michael Bay to produce emZombies Vs. Robots/em, begin the genre apocalypse

Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes salt mine has snapped up the film rights to the IDW title Zombies Vs. Robots, which was spawned fully formed by Internet memes who became sentient and adopted the human names of Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood. Like their comic, the film will focus on a young girl who’s the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse, whose only hope for survival is a pack of robots. In that sense, it’s sort of a combination of similarly gestating ideas like the adaptation of Max Brooks’ World War Z, Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse, Jerry Bruckheimer’s World War Robot, and Jack Black’s How To Survive A Robot Uprising, and it boasts a title that fits right in with other recent mash-ups like Cowboys Vs. Aliens, the (passed over, it seems) NBC series Zombies Vs. Vampires, and Zombieland writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese’s script Cowboy Ninja Viking. It also suggests that Comic-Con may have launched some sort of brain-eating “genre virus” that could eventually wipe us out entirely, leaving the earth a battleground for the epic, end-all war of Robotninjazombie Vs. Vampiratecowboyalien: Rise Of The Werewolf Cops. By the way, I just sold that sentence to Relativity Media, so no one else can have it.


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