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Having had it up to here with all these mega-budgeted, migraine-inducing Michael Bay movies, Michael Bay is plotting a return to the quiet, modest filmmaking roots that he long ago skipped over, telling MTV that his next film will be Pain And Gain, a project he’s been touting for a couple of years now as similar in sensibility to Pulp Fiction. The film is a dark comedy about bodybuilders who hatch an ill-fated kidnapping and extortion plot—and seeing as it’s based on real-life events chronicled in a 1999 Miami New Times article, there seems to be little room to transform Pain And Gain at the last minute into a more Bay-esque movie about two musclebound cops, Sgt. Pain and his reckless partner Officer Gain, which is yet more disappointing news for The Barbarian Brothers. Rather, Bay seems sincere about sticking to the material and the tone, and is even prepared to make Pain And Gain for the relatively low sum of $20 million. This would make it Michael Bay’s least expensive production since his days creating clips for Lionel Richie and Meat Loaf or working for Playboy Video Centerfold. Everything’s gone topsy-turvy!


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